Helpful Advice for Boarding Your Dog

Helpful Advice for Boarding Your Dog

Now that their furry companions are well cared for while they enjoy some time away, pet owners can rest easy. For a weekend break or a 10-day retreat, dog boarding facilities and doggy daycares offer a loving and secure atmosphere for animals. One of the best parts of getting ready for a trip is usually packing your bags. But it's also one of the most crucial as, in some cases, forgetting to pack necessities can leave you unprepared. Keep the same guidelines in mind when preparing your dog's backpack for his boarding stay. It's crucial to organize your time and give careful thought to how you'll prepare for a visit with a boarding facility.

The Preferred Meal for Your Canine Companions

While certain lodging establishments may provide their own dining options, it is critical to exercise caution when modifying the diet of our canine companions, particularly when under increased stress. It is strongly advised to bring your dog's regular food with you when they remain with a friend or attend an overnight daycare. It is prudent to carry additional food with you, just in case unforeseen circumstances disrupt your travel plans. It is critical to prevent any complications that may result from the sudden onset of digestive problems in your dog.

Customized Dog Tags

It is critical that you accurately identify your companion, even when performing everyday duties around the house. It is critical to maintain current information regarding your companion while they are boarding. An effective approach to dog identification involves the utilization of a collar in conjunction with a microchip. Their records should contain your name, your dog's name, your phone number, and possibly your address as well. Simply to be on the secure side, it would be prudent to include contact information for emergency situations.

Beloved Toys

At dog day care centers such as On the Spot Pet Care, dogs can enjoy a variety of toys for their entertainment. However, nearly every dog has a few things that they simply cannot live without. Include one or two of these toys in your dog's carrier to make sure he has all the familiar comforts of home during his stay.

A Happy Reminder

Being separated can have a significant impact, particularly on the bond between pets and their owners. Including an item with your scent can help your furry friend feel connected to you, even when you're not there. It could be a sock, blanket, or t-shirt. This is a great way to make your dog feel comfortable and relaxed.

Information about Dietary Supplements and Medications

We are more than happy to accommodate any canines that require daily medication or supplements at our dog boarding facility. When you're away, it's always a good idea to leave written instructions for your dog boarding facility. Make sure to include important details like the dosage schedule, quantity, and the required number of doses. It's a good idea to include the medication and/or supplements that need to be taken with food in the pre-packaged meal containers.

Choosing a reliable dog sitter is similar to investing in the happiness and well-being of your animal companion. Choosing this option demonstrates a commitment to providing your dog with a safe, comfortable, and happy vacation that goes beyond mere practical considerations. It brings you great joy to know that your dog is being cared for by experienced and caring professionals while you are away. Schedule an appointment with On the Spot Pet Care today, and rest assured that we will take care of your dog as if they were part of our own family.