Vaccinations: A Key to Your Dog's Health and Safety

Vaccinations A Key to Your Dogs Health and Safety

Your furry best companion must be up-to-date on vaccinations whether you intend to board them for an extended vacation or simply during the day while you are at work. Having all of our dog visitors up to date on their vaccinations ensures a safer environment for everyone. If you come across a service that does not require immunizations during your search for doggy daycares, that is usually a red flag. With so many dogs coming in and out of these facilities, it's critical to ensure that the clients aren't bringing in transmissible (and frequently preventable) diseases.

Vaccinations That Are Required

At our facility, there are three primary vaccines that are mandatory for your pet to be able to board or attend any daycare.

Distemper: Canines must be vaccinated against distemper by the tenth week of age; boarding facilities generally prohibit the entry of canines younger than ten weeks. Annual or triennial distemper vaccinations are administered, contingent upon the protocol established by your veterinarian.

Bordetella: The subsequent vaccination ought to be administered to your puppy no later than ten weeks of age. This one should be updated annually; however, because it is not always standard, you will often need to request it from your veterinarian. Bordetella provides protection against kennel cough, a contagious illness that is frequently transmitted at canine daycares.

Rabies: The third vaccination, similar to Distemper, should be administered annually or every three years. Rabies vaccination is mandatory for all canines, irrespective of their presence at a dog lodging facility. If the timing is correct, it is common for all three of these shots to be administered at the same appointment; therefore, it is practical to have them administered annually.

The mandatory vaccinations must be administered a minimum of 48 hours prior to boarding; however, it is preferable to schedule them ten to two weeks prior to their arrival. Dog owners will be required to present their pet's veterinary records as evidence that the animal has received all required vaccinations. Although not mandatory, many lodging facilities prefer that their canine clients have Canine Influenza and Leptospirosis vaccinations. It is crucial to prevent ill dogs from being boarded whenever possible. Additionally, we must ensure that all canines entering our facility are free of ticks and fleas. Should you have any inquiries regarding our prerequisites, we kindly request that you contact our cordial personnel via telephone.

Why The Rules Are Important

The value of providing a safe environment for all canines is the foundation of all these guidelines. We aim to furnish a joyful, affectionate, and cozy setting for every furry companion. Confide in On the Spot Pet Care in American Fork if you are searching for a dependable and secure place to leave your dog for the day or a month. We extend a warm welcome to out-of-town visitors as well. Our convenient location near Timpanogos Cave, Tibble Fork Reservoir, American Fork Canyon, and numerous other attractions ensures that we frequently encounter furry companions. If you bring your dog to us, you need not be concerned about leaving them unattended for extended periods of time while you are out and about. Your dog is invited to participate in the fun as long as you have their vaccination paperwork on file!